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Healthcare development in recent years has made the multi speciality hospitals & clinic very common. With added expertise and size comes the need of systematic management. Remedi Hospital management software can be configured to hospitals and clinics of any size. Multi centre, multi speciality, and multi devices and expertise information integration is synchronized to the finest detail with Remedi. Remedi proves itself useful to all those concerned- the management, the doctors, the patients and the paramedics.

Remedi Supports and complies with international standards and practices such as ICD10, DICOM,HL7, SOAP practice and HIPAA. Automatic chart requisition in MRD (Medical Records Department) with Casualty and MLC (Medico Legal Case) is a built in feature.

The operations of Remedi involve eight modules - Pharmacy, Out Patient, Lab, In Patient, Financial Management, General Store, HR Management, General and MIS Reports. In other words it deals with nearly the entire working process of a hospital.

Remedi can be installed and operated with the minimum efforts and least complications. What is more, each of the modules in Remedi can be customized and modified to concur with the hospital rules and policies.

  • Supports and complies with international standards and practices such as ICD10, DICOM,HL7, SOAP practice and HIPAA.
  • Automatic chart requisition in MRD (Medical Records Department) with Casualty and MLC (Medico Legal Case)
  • Creation of real time online medical reports of patients
  • Real Time reports for management on different departments
  • Integration external Devices
  • Comprehensive pharmacy management
  • Mobile phone alerts for doctors for emergencies
  • Automatic purchase order generation for pharmacy and store


  • Financial Management: Account related tasks such as journal entry, payment entry, petty cash details & accounts, account transfer, reconciliation, petty payments, TDS payment, MIS reports, Ledger reports, trial balance, profit & loss account, balance sheet, cheque inward & outward register, creditors & debtors outstanding etc.
  • Budget Plan Management: Budget definitions, fund commitments, alert mechanism, budget blocking and reports.
  • HR & Personnel Management: Employee (grade, designation, type, details, allowance, overtime, insurance, loans, salary advance, LOP, etc), pay roll index point, tax settings, salary slip generation & cancellation, maintenance management etc.
  • Central Stores Management: Purchase (orders, entry, return, etc), Stock (issue, request, etc), opening stock entry, MIS report, item wise purchase report etc.
  • Fixed Asset Management: Recording information history, transfer, sale, annual maintenance, depreciation, revaluation, repair management and reports of Assets.
  • Maintenance Management: Equipment master & allotment, routine checking of equipments, complaint register, complaint reports, warranty, alert mechanism for regular checking etc.

Supporting Modules

  • Cafeteria & Dietary Management: Billing activities, diet activities like diet request, request approval, diet order update, diet slip print, diet statement & preparation report etc.
  • Blood Bank Management: Donor details, blood issue, blood inward, blood camps, stock management, reports etc.
  • House Keeping and Laundry: Laundry management, material allocation (Rooms & Other areas) etc.
  • Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD): Inward process for Sterilization, Process Definition for Rinsing, Cleaning, Drying, Assembly, Packaging, Labeling, Sterilization, Storage (Stock Maintenance), Distribution (Issue) and MIS Reports.
  • Operation Theatre: Surgery Booking, Theatre Allocation, Medicine Utilization, Material Consumption, OT Billings and MIS Reports.

Advanced Modules

  • Online Report Console: Provides consolidated online reports to the senior management for decision making and forward planning. Includes Patient Statistics Report, consolidated collection analysis, expenses report, daily admission and discharge list, medicine purchase & sales, patient status report etc.
  • EMR - Electronic Medical Records: Automates and simplifies patient record documentation, storage and retrieval process.
  • Hospital Information Display System: The required information (token numbers, new schemes etc) from the server database can be displayed on LCD/TV deployed at various locations.
  • MIS Reports: Generates MIS Reports for each component of the Software, which facilitate monitoring on a daily basis. Graphical Reports help evaluate performance, enhancing overall productivity of the Hospital. MIS Reports are accessible Online and on Mobile.

End to End Integrated Hospital Management ERP Solution

Out Patient
In Patient
Operation Theatre
Appointment Management
Electronic Medical Records
Vital Modules
Equipment Interfacing
Diet & Cafeteria
Blood Bank
General Store
Nursing Station
Token Management
Financial Management
House Keeping
Support Modules
HR / Payroll Management
Insurance Management
Online MIS
Online Lab Result
Information Display System
Fixed Asset Management
SMS/Email/Mobile App
Back Office Modules
  • ICD10, DICOM, HL7, SOAP practice and HIPAA compliant
  • NABH, JCI compliance
  • User friendly GUI
  • Multi-tier architecture of remedi facilitates creation of a flexible, reusable and scalable application
  • Comprehensible reports
  • Data analytics for hospital business insights
  • Easy to import and export data
  • SMS alerts for Doctors, patients and management as defined
  • API to integrate DICOM compatible equipments
  • remedi HMS is designed to deliver Health Economics
Major Highlights
  • Bar-coded Patient Cards with photo
  • Bar-coded OP Consultation Sheets
  • Integrated EMR & CSSD
  • Online Appointment, SMS confirmation & Online Payment
  • Nursing Station / Ward Management
  • Canteen & Dietary Management
  • Online Pathology Reports
  • Online IP Bill Payment
  • PACS & Tele Radiology
  • Insurance Monitoring & Facilitation
  • ICD Coding integration
  • Centralized Pharmacy Management with multiple outlets
  • MIS dash boards with drill down facility
  • Online MIS Reports
  • Reports, Alerts & MIS on Smart Phones
  • Integrated HR & Payroll
  • PDT Integrated Asset Management
  • Hospital Information Display system (HIDS)
Case Study
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Information will be available soon.

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