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Information Display System


An Information Display System needs to ensure that the Information is displayed properly, accurately and explicitly on any type of display media.

Wright Vision Information Display System is a sophisticated system that enables display of real time information on Split Flap Information Display Boards, LCD or LED Boards, Plasma Screens and TV Monitors.

It is easily configurable, easy to operate, automated with minimal manual entry and can handle any type of display media. With innovative display concepts and customizable screens, the Information Display System takes into account regional and language barriers, and provides multi-lingual support. With a user-friendly display system, it serves as a comprehensible and ready reckoner for information.

  • Split Flap Display Integration
  • Video Display Facility for Advertisements
  • TV Display option
  • Integration with ADAS (Automatic Digital Announcement System)
  • Multi-lingual Language Support
  • Latest News Display option
  • Website Integration for Online Information Update
  • Customizable Screens to create your own environment
  • Powerful Page Editing Tools
  • Facility to Prefix Greeting and Seasonal Messages
  • Flexible, Adaptable and Scalable
Wright Vision can be customized to meet individual requirements. With an experienced creative team, information displays can be designed to conform to existing corporate identity guidelines.
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