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Production ERP solution

As industries and business grow, enterprises are faced with many challenges. Growing numbers and larger span of operations call for integrated management incorporated with provision to increase productivity, inculcate responsibility and accountability in the work force. Easier said than done, this finds many obstacles to be exercised.

Enterprises, Manufacturing and Production Companies, Industries – whether small, medium or large, all depend on better forecast to make better decisions throughout all business and functional operations.

ENTERPRO is an end-to-end multi-function ERP solution designed for Enterprises, primarily Production and Manufacturing Companies. Developed by Tedsys Technologies, Enterpro is a robust system providing access to key information and operations, enhancing enterprise productivity and supporting effective decision making.

Enterpro makes the execution easier and transparent. It encompasses all the activities in an industry or business. The modules include:

  • Security (inward & outward tracking) module
  • Inventory
  • Quality inspection
  • Stores Management
  • Financial Management
  • Production Management
  • IDS (Information Display System) integration
  • Marketing Management
  • Sales Management
  • HR Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Online MIS


Benefits of Enterpro

  • An ERP solution that fits your industry, company size, and budget—and that can grow with your organization
  • Helps track the entire operations of the organization through a single interface with multiple users, to help streamline processes
  • User-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI) providing authorized users access to information faster so as to make better business decisions
  • Seamless integration of data across the enterprise enables management to be involved in all areas of business, from daily operations to strategic decision making level
  • Real time SMS for entry level income
  • Provides control over key areas including: Production Management, Inventory, HR and Finance
  • Automatically tracks raw materials and products at all stages
  • Streamlines supply chain and plant manufacturing processes to optimize manufacturing capacity, procured materials, and finished-product inventories
  • Automates safety, quality and operational standards
  • Offers Cost Effective and Instant Transmission of Information between Corporate and Branch offices or factories
  • Allows managers to easily monitor Sales, Stock movements, costs and profitability at multiple locations
  • Speeds up time-to-market by efficiently integrating product mix, manufacturing, financials, and procurement
  • Helps identify opportunities for cost savings and efficiency improvements
  • Provides access to up-to-date information through Online MIS Reports
  • Helps drive business performance, measure financial effectiveness, and make better business decisions that deliver real results

Information will be available soon.

Information will be available soon.

Information will be available soon.