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Student Commute Tracking

Objectives of WINGS

To provide real time information about when each student arrives and leaves from school. Provide real time information as to when the bus will be reaching a particular stop. Reduce administrative work of teachers and automate attendance. No special installation spaces required or any kind of training have an automated system which does all this on its own.

Hardware Components In Bus:

  • UHF RF ID Badges
  • UHF RF ID readers & Antenna
  • ANDROID Tablet
  • Connection to Audio System in the bus
  • Connection to the power outlet of the bus

In School:

  • Computers (Windows based) Servers
  • Audio System
  • High speed internet connection

Each ID card would have a unique identification number as well as a photo, if needed. An upgraded version of Wings takes care of student spend at school, especially the canteen. All point of sales would have scanners that would scan and identify each card against which the accounting would be done online. Category wise classification also would be done so that all sailable items could be purchased only by the students whose category allows them to do so. Parents also would have an option to fill up their child’s card with amounts paid at the school’s accounts department. Apart from the ease of use for all concerned, one major advantage to the parents is that they could monitor all transactions done by their child onlin

The purchases by a student would be using highly interactive touch screens with pictorial support.



  • Increased Security
  • The system is completely automatic and saves time
  • Image of school in terms of student security can fetch more in terms of premium fee structure
  • This will boost admissions to the school
  • Administrative work lessened and the human resources available can be better utilised.
  • Reduction of costs like telephone bills and expedite communication with parents/guardian
  • Peace of mind for parents

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Information will be available soon.

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Information will be available soon.